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Elena Richmond, Adaptive Yoga, Accessible Yoga

What is Adaptive Yoga?


Adaptive yoga, also called accessible yoga, is founded on the principle that yoga is for everyone.  Adaptive yoga is for people who live with various cognitive, emotional and physical challenges. The goal is to help them explore yoga in an environment in which they feel included and supported. 


Through her 5 years of experience with Power To Be Elena worked with people living with various challenges In her yoga classes, she strives to create a welcoming environment where people of all abilities feel encouraged to practice yoga. All of her classes are based on trauma-informed practice. She helps make yoga accessible by bringing yoga to community organizations where people find themselves in a familiar and comfortable space. She adapts yoga postures based on individuals' abilities with the use of props, visual aids, demonstration, and guided instruction. For Elena, the aim of adaptive yoga is to focus on what people can do, and provide tools for them to deepen their relationship with breath, body, and mind, on and off the mat.


Elena has been providing adaptive yoga sessions to various organizations in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for several years including the Eating Disorders Department at BC Children's Hospital, Semiahmoo House Society (programs for people with acquired brain injuries), Down Syndrome Research Society, North Shore Connections (programs for adults with developmental disabilities), Canadian Mental Health Association, Chopra Addictions and Wellness Center in Squamish, and Power To Be Adventure Therapy Society (programs that provided accessible and inclusive outdoor recreation and therapy opportunities for people living with disabilities, socio-economic and family challenges). 

Please e-mail to book an adaptive yoga program in your community or for more information. 


" Yoga means many things to many people. It is stretching, strengthening, calming, healing, moving, meditating, finding peace, learning to breathe. It is for all people, of all ages and in all conditions.

First and foremost, yoga is a practice of love and acceptance for oneself and for others. It is through this practice of compassion, humility and understanding that we begin to heal ourselves and our communities"


~Samarya Yoga Centre, Seattle WA




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